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85-year old Japanese Millionaire Going Crazy From Restless Sleep And Neck Pain Discovers Closely Guarded Secret That Stopped His Pain In One Night!

85-year old Japanese Millionaire Going Crazy From Restless Sleep And Neck Pain Discovers Closely Guarded Secret That Stopped His Pain In One Night!

85-year old Japanese Millionaire Going Crazy From Restless Sleep And Neck Pain Discovers Closely Guarded Secret That Stopped His Pain In One Night!

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Okita Kato was a handsome, healthy, self-made Japanese who you would assume had it all.

Okita made his fortune developing future technology. He invested in biotech and AI before anyone else. He grew to become one of Japan’s wealthiest men.

But as he got older he lost his spark. Aches and pains surfaced. He became tired and lost motivation. Okita suffered from a terrible neck pain that made his mornings a living hell.

Okita went to dozens of top medical specialists all over the world - London, Paris, Melbourne and New York. He was desperately looking for help for his pain. Unfortunately none of them could identify exactly why Okita was suffering from the pain.  

One doctor in London told him: “The human body is very complex and there are things we cannot figure out about it. In your case it might be some abnormality of the nervous system.”

Most of the doctors offered Okita powerful painkillers but Okita refused every time. He worked with his mind and needed it to be sharp like a samurai's sword.

Fast forward a few years. Okita attends a conference and happens to discuss his chronic neck pain with a colleague.

“You must turn to ancient medicine. Many of my friends find answers there when no doctor could help them.” his friend told him.

Okita went to an old Kampо spiritual retreat for a month. When he arrived, a practitioner who worked there took one look at Okita’s tired face and pointed out. “Sleep is such a vital but underestimated part of life. Every change you make in your sleep will have a huge impact on the quality of your life. All body systems depend on sleep. Your pillow is probably harming your body!”

He gave Okita a special, old pillow that had been designed centuries ago. Soldiers used to sleep on it. They’d never go into battle without resting on it. 

The pillow was so uncomfortable, but it worked magic. For a man who’d seen it all, the results shocked even him. After 1 night he slept easier and awoke feeling so refreshed. After 7 nights he had so much more energy and focus.  

Okita spent his days thinking how to keep the ancient pillow’s healing ability, at the same time turning it into a modern pillow. He vowed to recreate and improve the pillow!

Famous Japanese Traditional Doctor Hakaku Yoshida Steps in!

Okita was no fool. He knew he needed a strong partner in order to turn his new dream into reality. He was introduced to one of the most respected traditional Japanese specialists in the world.

The doctor was Dr. Hakaku Yoshida. Okita told him the story of the ancient pillow. The doctor joined the team and their journey started.

Okita, Dr. Yoshida and their team worked for months. They made prototypes and gave samples to both young and old people who suffered from neck pain.

What was astonishing was that not only people with neck pain were helped, but healthy people with no neck pain reported a massive boost in vitality and energy during the day after sleeping on the pillow.

Finally, the CloudPillow was created. The team decided to call it “CloudPillow”, because of the unearthly feeling of sleeping on it.

CloudPillow Catches on Like Wildfire

Okita andDoctor Yoshidagave out the first 500 samples of CloudPillow to everyone they knew.

The world of mouth was so strong that soon people suffering from neck pain started to line in front of Doctor Yoshida’soffice.

Okita got calls from all over the world. Specialists in Europe wanted to test CloudPillow. CloudPillow was featured in dozens of TV news shows and magazines. 

CloudPillow Is Now Available To Everyone!

Due to the advanced engineering, CloudPillow used to cost almost 600$! Now thanks to new mass-production techniques CloudPillow is affordable to all.

Everyone can get the original, powerful, perfected CloudPillow that saved Okita from suffering. The exact pressure points and angles. Okita knew there might be imitators, but no other company had the real secret. 

The first run of CloudPillow EXPLODED. Reorders and new orders piled in. CloudPillow is being used by people all over the world!

Find Out How It Works and Get CloudPillow for Yourself!

The CloudPillow is developed to support your neck in every position. It will make sure your neck stays straight, which will relieve pressure. Treat yourself to a good night of sleep!

CloudPillow Will Work Immediately. It's Time to Get Rid of Your Everyday Aches!

Problems sleeping  

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to maintaining your overall health and mental well-being. If you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep throughout the night, or wake up too early in the morning CloudPillow will give you a more restful night.  

Neck Pain 

Why should you accept neck pain after a night of sleep? The wrong cushion is the number one cause of neck pain. This results in poor sleep quality which in combination with the neck pain causes long term health issues. The three areas on the CloudPillow will support your neck perfectly and bring it to a natural position.

Lack of Energy  

Thanks to high-quality sleep, your body regulates important functions such as temperature regulation, a strong immune system, steady hormone levels, and good appetite. All of these factors play a role in how much energy you have. CloudPillow can improve the all over balance of your body. Now who doesn’t want that?  

How it works:

Normally a pillow is not designed for multiple positions. But why limit yourself to sleeping in only one position? Whether you are a side or back sleeper, the three areas on the CloudPillow will support your neck perfectly and bring it to a natural position.

  • Relieve your neck pain and fix your restless sleep for good
  • Eliminate the tension out of those tight, inflamed back muscles
  • Fall asleep in 5 minutes and sleep through the whole night
  • Wake up fresh & boost REM sleep, essential for dealing with stress
  • Bring your neck in a natural sleeping position  

How much it costs?

You're probably thinking that CloudPillow is very expensive... False! CloudPillow is on sale at the moment for half price! One time payment - no subscription, no monthly costs.

Typical chiropractic appointments cost hundreds of dollars. Neck  decompression therapy at a specialist’s office can cost up to $6,000. CloudPillow is effective and affordable! Get the relief your neck needs for a lifetime, for LESS THAN $100!

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Customer Reviews

"The CloudPillow is by far the most comfortable pillow I’ve slept on. I don’t toss and turn nearly as much and the fact that you never have to fluff it is a huge bonus! Would highly recommend to anyone!"

Kellie S.

"I bought the CloudPillow on a whim. Took a couple nights to get used to it, but it's the best pillow I've ever owned. My neck issues that cropped up every couple weeks haven't returned with this pillow."

Elizabeth J.

"Not gonna lie I thought this was gonna be another one of those "orthopedic" gimmicks. After trying the CloudPillow and sleeping with it for a while I can assure you its not. I work at an office job and my posture is pretty bad. This pillow helped me relieve my spine and neck from all the stress I put on it through out the day."

Lissa G.

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