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Sleep like an angel!

Sleep like an angel!

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Why should you accept neck pain after a night of sleep? The wrong cushion is the number one cause of neck pain. This results in poor sleep quality which in combination with the neck pain causes long term health issues (Matthew Walker (2017)).
The Cloud Pillow is designed to support your neck by bringing this to a natural position which prevents neck and shoulder pain. Traditional pillows are always too thick or too tin. This brings your neck to a curved position which results in a pressure increase on your cervical vertebrae, causing the neck pain.
The Cloud Pillow is developed to support your neck in every position. It will make sure your neck stays straight, which will relieve pressure. Treat yourself to a good night of sleep!

Normally a pillow is not designed for multiple positions. But why limit yourself to sleeping in only one position?
Whether you are a side or back sleeper, the three areas on the Cloud Pillow will support your neck perfectly and bring it to a natural position.   Memory foam is the secret component of a supportive pillow. That's why the Cloud Pillow is fully compounded out of high quality memory foam. This will ensure that your head and neck settles in the best position.
The memory foam is secured with a washable hypoallergenic cover. The cover can easily be removed thanks to the zipper. We hid the zipper to ensure you won't notice it while you sleep. Secure a good night of sleep for yourself and your inner circle. It is the most important part of life! Shipping & Delivery
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