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The Original Star Constellation Lamp
The Original Star Constellation Lamp
The Original Star Constellation Lamp

The Original Star Constellation Lamp

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Instantly ENHANCE Any Room And Gaze At The BEAUTIFUL Lunar Lights With This Star Projector!  
Instantly makes any room UNIQUE and standout!
Perfect for ROMANTIC EVENINGS gazing at the stars with someone special
For all our star lovers, this lamp creates an ACCURATE DESCRIPTION of the sky with real constellations and even rotates to simulate the natural rotation of the earth overnight. 


  • Automatic Rotating. A special internal motor is able to slowly and silently rotate the constellation  
  • Color: 5 changeable color modes; Blue, Purple, Gold, Green, and White
  • Remote: Remotely power on and off, change the color, and rotate the lamp (battery included) 
  • Power: Uses the included power cable, or can also use standard AA batteries
  • Coverage: Covers most bedroom-sized rooms when dark
  • Assembly: Comes with included instructions to assemble the constellation portion, also allowing for the pieces to be rearranged for a different constellation pattern. 
  • Adjustable: Can easily be adjusted and moved to point in any direction

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