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Travel Headrest
Travel Headrest
Travel Headrest
Travel Headrest
Travel Headrest

Travel Headrest

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Days of waking up from long car rides with discomfort in your neck or seeing your child having a case of noodle-neck are gone. The Travel Headrest is a revolutionary new device that provides support and comfort for any child or adult asleep in a moving vehicle. Your neck, back, and neighbor's shoulder will thank you. Benefit from receiving lateral support to keep your head and body comfortably aligned upright the next time you, your child, or any friend or a family member falls asleep on the next car ride.


✅ MORE COMFORTABLE ROAD TRIPS: Whether it's a long road trip or just getting stuck in traffic, being in the car may not be the most comfortable place to find yourself. It can be especially rough on your neck, which can get strained or feel sore after watching the road for so long. Make you feel more relaxed, especially on your long drive for vacation. 

✅ STURDY AND SAFE MATERIALSThe Travel Headrest is made of high quality environmentally ABS, is filled with soft and thickened memory foam pad, good enough for a cushion. Pillow covers are making with leather/cloth, easy to clean

✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The Travel Headrest with scientific ergonomic design will comfortably support the head and neck on the side, relax the muscles, and prevent floating neck caused by prolonged bending, fatigue, and pain. Protect your head banging on the car door window!

✅ POSTURE: As if the temporary improvement over your comfort isn't enough, using a right neck pillow can even have positive long-term effects. Cushions with the best-designed neck support can improve your overall posture.

✅ SUITABLE FOR BOTH KIDS AND ADULTS: Support 180° rotation for any up & down angle, it does not bother the seat belt at the side, keeps your neck in a more comfortable position. They are specially designed for children to protect their head and neck. If you don't need them, just lift them to save space in the car.

✅ EASY INSTALLATION: Check the instructions for your easy installation and removal. No additional tools are required, easier to install, and more stable than other similar products. Fit for most cars with bars of your headrest.

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